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Yahyatech is lot of experience for Turnkey Crypto currency Software dealer and Traders that is offers for Easy & Fast Solutions, Web Solutions & Web Apps, unique paid and free open source web applications for web business. We are leading services for Tours & Travels Packages, script customization, installation and custom programming in PHP, ASP, XML, AJAX, JQuery, Framework etc. Turnkey Crypto Currency Solutions is unique way of easy to exchange and lot of facilitates for bitcoins currencies or others digital currencies and vices. You must be exchange and available regulation petition various types resolving of financial and regulation governed well that is coin base hand over the user data revenue services and seeking records over the government petition sweeping entrepreneurial mindset and massive technologies revolutions for Cryptocurrency Software in Delhi together and executes to actually store wallet keeps most authentic and reliable Software services provided by Yahya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We have to requirement for Clients needs full fill.


YAHYA TECHNOLOGIES WEB Server allows using browser-based Risk Management GUI on any device with any type of the operating system having a browser; this includes smart phones.

  1. Cryptocurrency Software in Delhi, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency software Provider in Delhi Register as a money manager in the countries you want to operate
  2. Cryptocurrency Software in Delhi, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency software Provider in Delhi INTRODUCTION This file
  3. Cryptocurrency Software in Delhi, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency software Provider in Delhi IMPLEMENTED INSTRUMENTS List of symbol codes doc
  4. Cryptocurrency Software in Delhi, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency software Provider in Delhi FIX-Market Data Quotes protocol doc
  5. Cryptocurrency Software in Delhi, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency software Provider in Delhi FIX-Trading Trading protocol doc

This directory encompasses documentation on YAHYA TECHNOLOGIES Real-time FIX Interface Quotes Disseminator and Order Processing/Management Integration Protocol Guide. YAHYA TECHNOLOGIES Platform Entails Of The Following Software Parts Written In PHP, Node Js, Java Scalar Programming Language: YAHYA TECHNOLOGIES (Best Bid and Offer Order Routing and Matching Engine) implementation on a server side represents FIX style. It uses codes for currencies, commodities, derivatives, metals, oil products, crypto products and other preferred tradable stuffs. BBO Engine is capable to be connected to FIX API or any other type of API provided by exchanges, banks, prime brokers and desired Liquidity Providers. A default version of YAHYA TECHNOLOGIES BBO includes pre-built FIX connection to other Trading Servers Cryptocurrency Software in Delhi and able to listen on local ports for trade and quotes as FIX server. As a client, it is able to establish a basic session and listen to the depth of the book quotes. Beyond mentioning FIX exchanges, it is able to connect to crypto exchanges via their respective REST type protocols. When BBO receives a market order, the order is routed to the expected Best Bid/Ask price provided by the exchange for the given quantity. If there is not enough of liquidity at the best price from one liquidity provider, the order is split in the way that the best expected price for execution is attained. If one of the liquidity providers cancels the order, Cryptocurrency software Provider in Delhi, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency API Provider in Delhi, bitcoin mlm software in Delhi the cancelled part is re-routed to remaining liquidity providers. BBO also generates “order accepted” after receiving next order and “order executed” messages as the order is (may be partially) executed. cryptocurrency exchange script, bitcoin exchange script, bitcoin trading script, trading cryptocurrency Software, best cryptocurrency exchange software, crypto coins software,Cryptocurrency software development in Delhi cryptocurrency trading Software, exchange cryptocurrency software, cryptocurrency converter software, crypto exchange rates software, bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange software, Cryptocurrency Software in Delhi, Cryptocurrency software Provider in Delhi, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency API Provider in Delhi, Cryptocurrency software development in Delhi, cryptocurrency stock market software, cryptocurrency trading script, bitcoin exchange website script, crypto bitcoin exchange software, cryptocurrency exchange rates software, bitcoin market script, new crypto coins software, cryptocurrency exchange software, cryptocurrency exchange open source, bitcoin mlm software in Delhi, cryptocurrency exchange list software, crypto exchange software, open source cryptocurrency exchange


YAHYA TECHNOLOGIES/Matching engine is used for the “Exchange Type” operation and allows matching clients Limit and Market orders. This creates a unique opportunity to provide Exchange by matching client’s orders round the clock i.e. 24X7.

Limit Orders Are Stored Within BBO And Executed Against A Matched Market Order Or Routed To The Desired LP In Form Of:

  1. Cryptocurrency Software in Delhi, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency software Provider in Delhi Limit Order Market order, when a quote from this LP matches the price.


YAHYA TECHNOLOGIES FIX Engine with FIX API allows any third party to be connected to YAHYA TECHNOLOGIES platform Cryptocurrency Software in Delhi receiving prices and processing Market and Limit orders. For Trading Crypto Currencies (E.G BTC/Other Coins), New Codes Are Used As Well As A Different Coding Of Quantities. For Standard Currencies Quantities, When Used In FIX Messages, They Are Divided By 10000. Current YAHYA TECHNOLOGIES Implementation:

  1. Cryptocurrency Software in Delhi, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency software Provider in Delhi Provides the full depth of the book quotes.
  2. Cryptocurrency Software in Delhi, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency software Provider in Delhi MARKET and LIMIT orders are supported

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